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Siwon UNF

Sapphire Lane Character List

I realise that this could be a difficult fic to follow so this list may or may not help you if you've become confused, or simply need reminding who's who!

2 Sapphire Lane

Kim Kibum

☑ Single
☑ Helps the others out with babysitting and odd jobs
☑ Possible relationship with Nicole

4 Sapphire lane

Kim Heechul

☑ Female
☑ Single
☑ Mother of Taemin
☑ Journalist
☑ Has a deep dark secret known only by Shin Donghee

Kim Taemin

☑ Male
☑ 9 years old
☑ Father is Han Geng

6 Sapphire Lane

Kim Yesung

☑ Male
☑ Single
☑ Currently unemployed
☑ Recently moved to Sapphire Lane
☑ Father figure (?) to Kim Taemin

7 Sapphire lane

Zhou Mi

☑ Female
Single Dating Choi Siwon
☑ Has a daughter named Zhou Ryeowook
☑ Former model, turned fashion designer

Zhou Ryeowook

☑ 17 years old
☑ Has a crush on Kim Yesung
☑ Her best friend is Yoona

9 Sapphire Lane

Park Leeteuk

☑ Female
Single. Dating Kim KanginSingle Dating Kim Kangin
☑ Mother of Park Henry
☑ Works as a nurse

Park Henry

☑ Male
☑ Has a crush on Kim Kibum
☑ Father is Lee Eunhyuk
☑ Possible love interest: Jiyeon

11 Sapphire Lane

Han Sungmin

☑ Female
☑ Married to Han Geng
☑ Housewife
☑ Having numerous sexual relationships,most prevalently, with Cho Kyuhyun
☑ She has no children

Han Geng

☑ Male
☑ Married to Han Sungmin
☑ Works as a police officer
☑ Father of Kim Taemin

Other Recurring Characters

Lee Eunhyuk

☑ Male
☑ Ex boyfriend of Park Leeteuk
☑ Father of Park Henry
☑ Infamous cheater

Choi Siwon

☑ Male
☑ Freelance gardener
☑ Currently seeing Zhou Mi
☑ Had/having an affair with Han Sungmin
☑ Ex girlfriend: Tiffany Hwang

Kim Kangin

☑ Male
☑ Repairman/mechanic/general handy man
☑ Love interest: Park Leeteuk
☑ Is there something about Kangin that we don't know..?

Cho Kyuhyun

☑ Male
☑ Computer repair man
☑ Romantic interest: Han Sungmin

Shin Donghee

☑ Male
☑ Boss of Kim Heechul and owner of company
☑ Knows potentiality life destroying information about Heechul
☑ Partner: Nari


Shinee Crew

☑ Leader: Lee Jinki AKA Onew
☑ Second in charge: Kim Jonghyun
☑ Kim Kibum AKA Key
☑ Group enigma: Choi Minho
"Friends" of Kim Taemin

Lee Joon

☑ Male
☑ 13 years old
☑ Best friend of Park Henry
☑ Has a crush on Park Leeteuk
☑ Weird personality quirks
☑ Son of Jung Byunghee and Jung Jihoon
☑ Siblings: Jung Cheolyong (aka Mir) (15 years old) Jung Seungho (7 years old) and Jung Cheondong (3 years old)

Misc characters

Nickhun, Changmin, Yunho: Previous conquests of Han Sungmin
Hyungsoo, Hyunjoong: Park Leeteuk's ex boyfriends

Characters will be added in the future.